Step 5: reflection

Satisfied with the result?

Most students' first wish when it comes to reflection is: what did I score and why ....? You will undoubtedly explain and justify the marks or grades that you have given.

However, the reflection stage should also lead to students making plans for improvement. How could I get better at using the right register? What can I do to increase my knowledge of vocabulary? Is there a way in which I can tackle academic texts more easily?

  • plan sufficient time for this stage; 
  • have products stored in a language portfolio. An on-line portfolio system can be found at Students may consult older work from time to time, to see if they have made any progress or are still making  the same old mistakes;
  • have students reflect on each other's work: peer assessment is a valuable tool;
  • encourage your students to write down their good intentions;
  • point out useful links to students who plan to work on their skills;